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Point of Care Ultrasound

Change lives with the power of ultrasound and make a difference.

Welcome to NorVue!

We are an educational platform that specializes in ultrasound training for different organs.

Our online training concept focuses on Point of Care Ultrasound that is ideal for those new to ultrasound or looking to further develop their skills. With pedagogically adapted courses in your medical field or beyond, you can expand your knowledge and become an expert in Point of Care Ultrasound.

We are proud to present NorVue as your go-to source for ultrasound education.

Let sound waves open your horizons with NorVue

Ultrasound, combined with clinical evaluation, can provide faster diagnostic clarification, confirm or deny diagnoses, and lead to more rapid implementation of treatment measures.

Watch high-quality video lectures anytime and anywhere, on any device.

See the unseen with Point of Care Ultrasound!

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Why you should choose NorVue

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